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To say goodnight after finishing the conversation with your partner is the way to show your sincerity, your care for her/him and your gentleness. Everyone who is in relationship should keep all these things along with her/him to last their relationship with your partner. There are many ways to say Goodnight In French. We will here tell you about all the words that you should send to your partner before going to bed. After reading and analyzing people’s thought we have here made that simple words which will influence your partner surely. Read the Goodnight French words here and send them to your partner to let her/him know that how much you love and miss her/him. We have also described some other effective words that you might say to your lover to make her/him feel good about you. The 3 ways How To Say Goodnight In French are given below on this page very nicely.
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How To Say Good Night In French

Way 1. – Say Good Night In Standard Way
The way in which you simply say good night to your partner is the standard way to say Good Night In French. Now let’s see how to say good night.
Bonne Nuit are the words that belong to the French language.
“BONNE” means – “Good“
“NUIT” means- “Night“
The other word that you may use to say to your partner when you start to talk.

“BON” means – “Good”
“SOIR” means – “Evening“
Way 2. – Let Her Know “You Are Going To Sleep”
This is the another way to say her/him Good Night indirectly. If you explain her that you want to go to sleep then you are reassuring that you are saying Good Night.

“JE” means – “I“
“VAIS” means – “TO Go“
“DORMIR” means – “Sleep“
The other French slang words that you might use to say her/him that “I’m Going To Sleep”
“JE” means – “I”
“VAIS” means – “TO Go”
“PIEUTER” means – slang french word that means “SLEEP“
Way 3. – Other Romantic Ways

We are here going to share some other words that are romantic to say. These romantic words also describes your Goodnight French. Read below these beautiful words. Say your partner “DORMEZ BIEN” that means “Sleep Well“
“DORMEZ” means – “SLEEP“
“BIEN” means – “Well“
Another romantic words to say to your partner at night are “Sweet Dreams” that everone likely want to listen from the partner. Say “FAIS DE BEAUX RêVES” that means “Sweet Dreams“

“FAIS” means – “To Make“
“DE” means – “OF“
“BEAUX” means – “Beautiful“
“RêVES” means – “Dreams“
So here we described the best ways to say Goodnight in French to your partner. I hope you like this post.


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